A conjunction of psychic powers and specifically that of clairvoyance in certain individuals is known as being psychic clairvoyant. Psychic powers, in general, involve the reception of certain information which is not possible through ordinary human senses. Clairvoyance, on the other hand, requires the person with the ability to view objects, both living and dead not possible through normal human eyesight.

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Thus a psychic clairvoyant can visualize near and dear ones living far away, see things that are hidden or sealed and not visible by ordinary human eye, even envision events of the past and the future. These abilities follow the concept of clear viewing and use the human eye to see things situated at impossibly distant places, across time and spaces where our normal eyesight cannot reach at any point of time.

Spiritual gurus or monks

Religions especially ancient ones like Hinduism have been related to practices of such psychic powers since time immemorial. The holy men like sadhus, spiritual gurus or monks have been known to have such capabilities usually developed through advance techniques of meditation. They were known to be able to control their minds to heightened areas of concentration and focus and hence could carry out these psychic abilities with success and ease.

However, all psychic clairvoyants are not saints or prophets. Certain people have been able to view their loved ones who are very unwell or dying, living thousand of miles away. This aspect of being clairvoyant without any relation to religion or meditation is what motivates more people towards its research to learn more about the human brain and the unfathomable power of the sub-conscious part of it.

Special abilities

The special abilities to feel and hear hidden information from the environment, which is otherwise not possible through normal human sense organs is respectively known as clairaudience and clairsentience. These powers as they are should not be misjudged or confused with those of psychic clairvoyants wherein the power resides in the eye of the individual. In the same way, there are other special powers namely Clairalience, Claircognizance and Clairgustance which relate to the using of the senses of smelling, knowledge, and taste respectively in a way not possible by ordinary human beings.

In life, you may come across any individual who is capable of visualizing a near and dear one living thousands of miles away when the latter is in some problem or is terminally ill. There may also be cases when he may be able to see something which is hidden at a place where an ordinary man cannot even perceive the presence of the same. Such instances and the ability of the person must not be misinterpreted as wild guesses or coincidences. The chances are that this individual is a psychic clairvoyant and hence they should undergo suitable tests to judge the degree of their clairvoyance abilities.

Psychic tests

Psychic tests are available abundantly from ¬†online sources such as the fabulous Irish site livepsychic.ie in today’s era of a technological boom. But it must also be mentioned that these are basic tests which can tell you whether you possess the psychic power or not. Moreover, one should always select tests from authentic sources from thousands of readily available ones online. In case you want to go for an advanced test which guarantees more accurate results and more information, psychic tests undertaken by researching institutions would be the place to go.

Psychic clairvoyants

A psychic clairvoyant often finds himself restricted in leading a normal life due to his powers of sixth sense. Hence, many times, they think of their special powers as a curse. But it is worth mentioning at this point that a psychic clairvoyant is one of the rare gifted few in this world and so such psychic powers should always be considered a gift and used for the betterment of other fellow human beings.