Ask Tarot your Victory Date

We all want to succeed in our lives. All of us want to be our name in the whole world, the whole world knows us and recognizes us. We work hard every day to make our identity. Trying to grow fast but cannot succeed. We try day and night to create ourselves as a successful person, in front of the whole world, but it is very difficult to do so. Not everyone is just talking about being successful! But everyone dreams that he will definitely succeed 1 day but no one knows when that day will come. We work hard every day, find new ways through which we can succeed and that day of our victory can come in our life as quickly as possible. We all want us to know how we will ever succeed and if and when will it happen? If we find out the day of our Victory in our lives then how will we feel? We all will be very happy and will not leave any stone unturned to make that day special. But is that possible? Absolutely possible! If you have a tarot card in your life, you can know the day of your success, you just have to have complete faith in the tarot card so that you will know the day of your success.
So what should we do?

First, take the tarot deck and shuffle them. Then take out five of the different tarot cards.
Shake the deck again after removing the first card
Shake the deck after removing the second card.
The deck is shuffled after removing the card every time. Keep those five cards aside. After that, revert to every card with complete confidence. Your five cards will tell you a one-by-one number and those numbers will be very important to you. Through all the numbers, you will know who will be the day of your success in your life and when it will come.

So with complete confidence shuffle the cards with complete honesty and choose any 5 cards. Write the numbers of all the cards in one place. After typing, add all those numbers together, write the sum that comes up. Then subtract all the numbers from each other, write the number which appears. Likewise, multiply all those numbers together and write the number which is received. And divide all those numbers into one and write the number that is received. In this way, you will get 4 new numbers. You will get a sum by adding these four new numbers. Divide the new yoga of that number into three parts and subtract all those three from the tarot card once every time. After that, you will get the number and it will be your date of victory. In this way, you will get complete information on the day of your success. In a way, you will know the day and date of your success and you will get very happy with this information. So trust the tarot card and do this work once and see for yourself what is the date of success and then waiting for that date and working hard to complete your job honestly and that day make more special.

How to use Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball Gazing is best done on the night of a full moon. A crystal ball that measures 2-5 inches in diameter is best to use. Place your crystal ball on a stand with a velvet cloth underneath. Make sure nothing is reflected in your crystal ball.

Go inside a darkened and quiet room.
Light two candles so you can see. They also help reflecting images in the crystal ball.
Burn patchouli incense to get you in the mood. You can even play soothing music if that will help.
Center yourself by gazing into the ball, being careful not to stare.
Breathe deeply. Inhale and exhale. Do this for 15 minutes.
When performing any form of scrying or divination you are summoning the forces from the spiritual realm. These forces are normally closed off from the plane we live in unless disturbed. And crystal ball gazing and scrying actually disturbs them. Whenever you perform divination, these forces can either help you, attack you, or drain you. They can use your crystal ball to step through into this world. This is why it is always best to perform a cleansing ritual and a protection ritual beforehand.
Crystal ball work

  1. Place the crystal ball on a stand in front of you.
  2. Sit down and relax.
  3. Lay your hands gently on the ball for 2 minutes to infuse it with your energy.
  4. Reflect on the purpose of this scrying session: visualize your question or say it out loud.
  5. Take your hands off the crystal.
  6. Look deeply into the crystal. Allow your eyes to relax and become unfocused.
  7. When you see smoke forming in the crystal, allow it to occupy the whole ball till you see an image forming.
  8. If you’re new to crystal ball gazing, the images might not make sense to you at first because your mind is still not able to grasp what the images mean, you may not see images at all, or it may not even be related to what you want. But the more you work with a crystal ball, the better you will get at it.
  9. To close the crystal gazing session, gradually allow the images to slowly fade back into the crystal until it goes back to its original state.
  10. Thank your crystal ball and smudge or perform a cleansing spell on it before you put it back in storage. A crystal ball is best stored by wrapping a velvet cloth around it to keep the energies contained.

The Mysterious Invisible Eye

The hidden eye is a mysterious and imaginary eye. We need it, when we get curious about to know the things which are going to happen in future. The hidden eye is also known as the third eye or the inner eye. This eye has no physical identity. It’s a sense which is connected with the Chakras (as per mentioned in Hindu Religion). We can use this sense or the third eye. But we have to focus a lot. We have to concentrate on the chakras in us. We need too much meditation to feel or sense the inner eye. It shows the inner skills of us. It’s a relation between Theosophy and spirituality. There are lot of people who claims that they went to that stage of their mind where their third eye or the hidden eye showed them the glimpses of their future.

Many of them were Hindus. Hindu religion has so many things to believe. They believe that they can easily use their inner eye to see or sense those activities which is going to happen very soon.

Many Countries have their own kind of training or skills development classes, where people used to go to improve their ability to focus on their third or hidden eye. Like in India, Indian spiritual Gurus use meditation to get focused on their body Chakras. They do believe that meditation and concentration will help to get your Chakras under your control. Once you’ll know, How to control your Chakras? You’ll surely be able to use your inner eye in the way to sense or see the glimpses of the future.
In China the third eye or the inner eye is a concept found in many meditation schools, art schools as Yoga, Aikido etc. They teach, How to focus and concentrate on the point between eyebrows with closed eyes. Their main motive is to make their students reach the next level of meditations. They want their students to reach the highest level of meditations to know more and more about the universe and its hidden facts and reveal them. This will help them to sense their hidden eye.
Basically the thing is that we just need to believe that we can do anything, we can achieve anything. Either it’s about meditation or senses the inner eye. A small believe can make big changes.

Astrological Elements

There are basic elements in this universe like air, water, earth and fire and each element has three Zodiac signs associated with it. These four elements are also categorised under passive and active, wherein air and fire come under active and passive contains water and soil. The Elements give personality traits. Description of the elements and their personality relativity is explained as – Cancer, scorpio and Pieces come under water , Gemini, Libra and aquarius come under Air , Taurus , Virgo and Capricorn come under Earth , Aries , Leo and sagittarius come under Fire. Water based Zodiacs are emotional and high on intuitive abilities , Whereas Earth based are reliable and sensible. Air based Zodiacs are good in communications and intellectually sound , they often turn out to be philosophers, whereas, Fire based Zodiacs are full of zeal and energy, they become inspiration for others and tend to be romantic. Please check out the blog

Psychic Mediums Readings Online

Psychic mediums are becoming highly sought after all over the world, and numerous individuals are beginning to consider psychics that provide their services on psychic websites, as opposed to going to psychics personally. By doing this, they can acquire tarot readings, have psychic chats, acquire foreseeable future predictions, as well as astrology readings. Pretty much something that the psychic is capable of doing personally he or she can do for you on the web as well.

Psychic mediums are individuals who, more often than not, are born having special gifts which allows them to cross over into the spirit world and circulate messages along to the family members who have passed away, or the other way around. Don’t assume all medium comes into the world with this particular capability, however, several have the ability to develop it after much practice after several hours. Every medium is likewise able to perform the fundamental things, such as, fortune telling, psychic readings, and tarot readings.

Mediums have the powers

Psychic mediums have these unique powers to connect to a special kind of force that only them could decipher it. Psychic medium readings online could be one of the factors that can crack mysteries and disentangle a web of conundrums that only mediums can connect. There is no other exceptional way of connecting or communicating the dead other than through this link.
An effective séance can open up the astral connection

A fruitful, effective, and productive séance with a clairvoyant would be the best way possible to ascertain astral interconnection to the other side. To generate favorable session with the sitter, medium, and to interconnect to the spirit world, the session should be done in a manner that is acceptable to the sitter, medium and to the spirits. Psychic medium readings online can facilitate this kind of session for the benefit of the sitter and to the spirit as well. A successful meeting could be advantageous to the sitter, as to the specter as well. On top of it, it will provide the most anticipated peace of mind to both the sitter and the perturbed soul.

Electronic mediums rule in the spirit world as well

Psychic medium readings online rules in this electronic psychic world where psychic readings and medium meetings can be just a few hits of your keyboard keys, one would be directed to your psychic preference. A line of gifted, extraordinary and exceptional mediums are just a second away from you once you punch on the live medium reading online button. It has direct online hotlines that can lead you right to the medium of your preference.

With the exact vibration, mood and astral exosphere through, the assistance support, and teamwork of the sitter, the medium will be able to connect the presence of the spook in the session. A séance will be ongoing and eventually successful when everything will not be disturbed by any hostile being or hostile situation.

Psychic medium readings online are the trend of the new electronic era. Anyone can talk to his medium anytime of the day. With regards to the paranormal aspect of astral connection particularly when the living is being haunted by a specific apparition, ghoul, or spirit. I t would be helpful on the part of the sitter to provide her or his medium-full information as to the facts of the haunting, perception, or just plain spiritual communication.